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Published on September 30, 2008 By UnkCoothd In Entertainment

The title just about says what this is about. I have been playing guitar since I was 16 years old. I played in a heavy metal band in the SF Bay Area for several years. Now I usually just play acoustic stuff that I write.

My war torn guitar from the glory daze on stage.

My War Torn Stage Guitar


Here is a picture of my two dogs Bingo and Bongo. Half Lab and half Pit Bull they are two of the best dogs ever. We were only going to adopt one but they were the last two in the litter and we didn't want to split them up. When we got them home they were obviously not feeling well and my wife wanted to take them to the vet's and I thought we would just let them adjust and they would feel better. For once I am glad I listened to my wife. We took them to the vet and they both had parvo. If we would have waited another day they both would have been dead. After three days in the hospital and a $2299 vet bill the vet said that them being together probably helped save their lives. As you can see now they are happy and healthy.


Bingo and Bongo

You can't see them very well (notice I didn't have photography in the title)  but below are my two mountain bikes. The one in the front is an Ironhouse SGS Pro Downhill bike (nice ride for Northstar) the one in the back is a Specialized Enduro Pro (my all purpose mtb). Both bikes are a blast to ride. Mountain biking is one of those things you can always get better at and that is one of the things I really like about it. Not only that but when you come home with battle damage you actually brag about it instead of being embarrased.

That is a little about some of the things I like. I hope you enjoy.

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